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Pastoral Care/Child Protection

Pastoral Care is looking after the development of all our pupils in a positive way, thus enabling them to cope more effectively with their learning in school and to develop skills and attitudes which will enable them to develop positive relationships with others. The Education & Training Inspectorate (ETI) found the Pastoral Care in the St. Brigid's to be "Outstanding" and this is a measure of the procedures and practices we have put in place to protect and develop our pupils.  



Our systems and programmes in school will attempt to meet all the needs of the pupils in a safe environment, enabling them to reach their full potential while equipping them with the skills to cope with the outside world. An atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation will contribute to the learning process and generate a positive climate within the school community where every individual feel valued and cared for. Everything that happens in school, curricular or extra-curricular, will reflect this ethos.



Every opportunity will be taken to praise pupils for their contributions to the life of St. Brigid's (and indeed their success outside school). St. Brigid's will promote all round development of each pupil by promoting values and beliefs including self-discipline, self-respect, good behaviour, respect for others and property, independence, co-operation and honesty.



The school has a Child Protection Policy which details how we deal with issues of a child protection nature. A Copy is forwarded to parents when their children join the school and every two years thereafter. All staff receive updated child protection training every 2 years. We have a Designated and a Deputy Designated Child Protection officer in the school.  


The school has produced a separate document on School Discipline and this is made available early into each child's first term in school through distribution of our "Protecting Our Children, Aspects of Pastoral Care” document. We adopt a positive approach to discipline expecting pupils to behave in a responsible manner by showing consideration, courtesy and respect for other people at all times. This standard of behaviour is expected both inside school as well as on their way to and from school and whilst attending school events organised outside the normal school day.



The care and welfare of all children in school is of paramount importance to us. In order to ensure that school is as secure as possible we take a series of measures such as locking all the playground gates at 8.55am, ensuring appropriate observation of pupils during periods of play and maintaining a secure "buzzer entry” system controlled from the school office. We have also installed CCTV throughout the school grounds. Pupils are not permitted to leave school with anyone not known to staff or detailed on the pupil information system and parents are requested to confirm changes in routine with the school. P1-3 pupils are not permitted to leave the school premises at the end of the school day without an adult being present to collect them. Staff are vigilant in all matters of pupil safety and pupils are encouraged to take reasonable responsibility for their own and others safety.



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